Friends of the Welsh Harp

Friends of the Welsh Harp

Tree walks at the Welsh Harp

Our free tree walks at the Welsh Harp take place on the first Sunday of the month and are led by conservation abroriculturalist and ecologist Russell Miller.

First Sunday of every month in 2022! Register here if you'd like to join.

Russell is an independent professional ecologist and arboriculturalist. He specialises in veteran tree ecology, tree pathology, bees and other pollinators as well as teaching and community engagement. He has been chair of the Ancient Tree Forum for 5 years, founded Tree Musketeers (2003) and Sustainable Hackney (2010). He also led conservation weeks for Trees for Life in the Scottish Highlands for 15 years.

Russel Miller on a guided walk with a group of people
Credit: FOWH

Our walks in 2022:

  • Trees after storms: 06/02/22 

Our walks in 2021:

  • Tree identification: 05/06/21 

  • Native bees: 17/07/21

  • Urban Ecology: 14/08/21

  • Veteran Tree Habitats: 05/09/21

  • Welsh Harp's Pinetum: 24/10/21

We are grateful to the Canal and River Trust for sponsoring these walks.