Friends of the Welsh Harp

Friends of the Welsh Harp
A Heron

The Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir)

A Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve in NW London

Welcome to the Friends of the Welsh Harp website!

We campaign for the Welsh Harp and organise conservation days, and nature events including tree walks and bird walks.

The Welsh Harp is a truly special place. It a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR), providing a valuable habitat for wildlife. It is recognised as one of the most important bird breeding areas in Southern England.

Great Crested Grebe by Magnus Andersson
SSSI-listed Great Crested Grebe at the Welsh Harp. Credit: Magnus Andersson

A deep-rooted environmental crisis 

Despite its importance, the Welsh Harp has been neglected for decades. When, early in 2021, the water level of the reservoir was temporarily lowered by one metre for dam repairs, the extent of this deep-rooted environmental crisis was revealed in the form of wheelie bins and supermarket trolleys sticking out of the water. But the problem is far more serious than 'just' unsightly rubbish.

Alongside other campaigners we have been working hard to bring all stakeholders to account as well as reinvigorate our local community to fight and care for this long-forgotten gem.

Read our vision for the Welsh Harp here. It summarises the key issues the Welsh Harp is facing along with pragmatic solutions.
Toxic silt with a heron by Ben WattHeron sitting on debris by Ben Watt
The extent of the rubbish revealed following the lowering of water. Credit: Ben Watt

Get stuck in on a conservation day or attend one of our nature walks. Please see 'Our work and events' for more!